Mole Management Pest Control  

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 I aim to minimise my use of toxic chemicals with a focused,  greener approach to pest control .

Rodents can often be managed with a combination of environmental changes and traps.  Having said this, toxic baits are a useful tool and should not be discounted.  I only use traps to remove moles.  I do not use any gassing techniques.

Rodent Pest Control

Any work I do involving rodenticides is carried out with regard to CRRU best practice.  This minimise risks to non target species such as pets and wild garden visitors.

Professional Pest Control in Bolton

As well as the RSPH Level 2 Award In Pest Management I also hold a Lantra certificate in responsible and effective control of commensal rodents and a Lantra certificate in professional wasp and bee control.

I undertake regular CPD training.  This is to both maintain current qualifications and increase my skill set.  I also hold a current DBS and advanced safeguarding qualification.

Qualified Pest Controller