Drain Surveys

Drain and sewer faults are amongst the biggest causes of rat infestations in domestic properties.   Sewers allow rats a safe and easy means to travel.  They will take advantage of the smallest faults in the pipes and junctions and dig under properties.  From here they can easily use a cavity wall to reach the roof space.  This is why I always try to have a quick look at the drains whenever a customer tells me the problem is in the loft.

Previously, if I suspected a drain fault I would advise the customer to contact a specialist company in order to book a drain survey at an average cost of £160 and a waiting time of a week or so.   I have now invested in training and equipment allowing me to carry out a basic drain survey myself alongside an initial rodent survey and for a total cost under £75.

Please note:  This is a basic survey intending to confirm that rodents are gaining entry via a faulty drainage system.  It is not intended to assess the quality or fitness of the system.   If potential faults are located then any reputable drain company will conduct their own survey before advising a solution.