Squirrel Pest Control

Why Squirrel Control is Essential for Your Property

The Grey Squirrel Menace: These agile rodents are notorious for causing extensive damage. They gnaw on woodwork, compromise structural integrity, strip electrical wires, and contaminate spaces with their waste, leading to potential fire hazards and health risks. They are not nocturnal, but can still disrupt your peace, causing sleepless nights with their relentless scurrying in the roof space.

Grey squirrel on decking
Photo by Jan R on Pexels.com

In outdoor spaces, grey squirrels are equally troublesome. They plunder gardens, pilfer bird nests, and damage valuable trees by stripping bark, leading to the tree’s demise.

Understanding Their Behavior: Grey squirrels are dawn-dwellers, particularly active in the pre-sunrise hours. Their association with humans often emboldens them to approach, causing unease despite their typically non-aggressive nature.

Invasion points for these critters include gaps under roof tiles and dormer windows, as well as disused chimneys. They’re adept at finding cozy corners in your property to call home.

Professional Intervention: Addressing a squirrel infestation requires expertise. While trapping may seem straightforward, it can quickly become a complex task. As a professional, I utilize humane and legal methods, including live and lethal traps. There are currently no toxic baits approved for use against Squirrels.

A Legal Obligation: Due to their invasive status, the law mandates that any live-captured grey squirrel must be humanely dispatched—a task beyond the scope of most homeowners and governed by strict welfare legislation.

Take Action: If you suspect a grey squirrel issue, don’t hesitate to contact me. I offer comprehensive surveys and discuss the best course of action tailored to your situation.

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