Environmental Policy

Mole Management Pest Control

1st March 2022 

Mole Management Pest Control (The company) is committed to reducing its environmental impact in all areas and also to continually assessing how further improvements can be made.  Responsibility for all aspects of this policy lie with the owner Stephen Garstang. 


Due to the small size and limited turnover of Mole Management Pest Control, it is not currently feasible to purchase an electric vehicle.  However, an electric vehicle could be utilised for the business as most clients are less than 25 miles away.  

The affordability of changing to an electric vehicle will be reassessed every 12 months.   

In the meantime the current 1.4 diesel Fiesta van achieves almost 60mpg.

It is company policy to only load equipment required for the day with all other items remaining in the company storage room.  This further reduces vehicle fuel consumption.

Stationary And Office Supplies

When possible and if acceptable to the customer the company will aim to provide reports, invoices and other communications via paperless methods such as text message or email.  Paper report books are only to be made from recycled materials and only to be used when necessary.

Rodenticide Use

From 1/06/2023 the company aims to stop all use of second generation anticoagulant rodenticides.  When considering the risk hierarchy, 2nd gen rodenticides are the very last resort anyway. Furthermore, great advances have been made in the last few years regarding the palatability of both Alpha Chloralose for house mice and Cholecalciferol baits for brown rats. Both offer far less risk of secondary poisoning to non-target species.  Traps will remain the preferred method of rodent control

Insecticide Use

Where possible, the company will use water based chemicals for insect treatments and ensure any spilled chemicals are cleaned up quickly.

Policy on Bees

It is company policy to refuse to treat any bee issue with insecticide.  The company will still advise on and relocate bee colonies if possible.


Controlled waste will be disposed of via licensed waste carrier such as the scheme provided by Killgerm.