Flea Treatment

 Full House Flea Treatments  From £120

(For a two bed house with two reception rooms.  Extra rooms charged at £25 each)

Optional pre treatment Vacuum £35

Fleas can be effectively treated but they require a dedicated and thorough plan to be put in action.  If required I can perform a thorough vacuum to remove loose fleas and eggs from crevices and surfaces.  All floor spaces are treated with a residual insecticide that remains effective for several weeks if left undisturbed.  For more details of what is involved and for a personalised quote for your property please call me on 0800 610 1158.


For an effective treatment you will need to have carried out the following actions before the Pest Control technician arrives:- 

➢ Remove all items from the floor of the rooms to be treated to allow access to as much floor area as possible. 

➢ Move all the furniture from the edges of the room to allow access to the floor wall junctions. 

➢ Thoroughly vacuum all carpets and rugs and clean all carpet-free floor areas. Pay particular attention to areas where pets may sleep or where the sun may heat an area of floor. Empty the vacuum cleaner directly into the dustbin or change the bag after cleaning. 

➢ Make sure any pet bedding is washed and the beds are thoroughly cleaned. 

➢ If you have a pet make sure it is being treated with an approved formulation, preferably via a vet. 

➢ People and domestic pets must leave the rooms being treated and not be allowed to return until the insecticide is dry. Usually four to six hours.

If you do not carry out these actions the Pest Control Technician will be unable to proceed with the treatment. 

After the Pest Control Technician has carried out the treatment 

Do not enter the treated rooms for at least four hours or until the Technician advises.   Do not vacuum the carpets for at least 14 days to allow the insecticide time to work

One treatment is usually sufficient to control the infestation as the products used carry on working for a few weeks. The fleas should die off gradually after coming into contact with the insecticide. If there is still a problem 4 weeks after the original treatment you can contact us to book a half price re-treatment. If you contact us after 6 weeks from the original appointment you would need to book a new job. 


Any products that have been used are cleared for use in occupied premises and will be indicated on the separate treatment report also given to you by the Technician. 

➢ The treatment works over a period of time. It will not affect the egg stage or the pupa stage. It will kill the larvae as they emerge from the egg and also start to kill the new adults as they emerge from the pupation stage. Expect to see some small amount of activity for a couple of weeks. 

➢ Do not clean or vacuum the treated areas for at least 14 days. If you do you will greatly reduce the effectiveness of the spray used. 

➢ Leave the premises for at least 4 hours after treatment.

➢ The fee paid is for 1 treatment only. 

➢ A half price re-treatment can be requested after 4 weeks, but must be taken up within 6 weeks of the original treatment. After this period any problem will be deemed to be a re- infestation and therefore chargeable. 

➢ It will your responsibility to make arrangements with us for any re-treatment or for any further treatments. To do this you can contact us on 0800 610 1158. 

➢ Mole Management Pest Control reserves the right to refuse to carry out a treatment if these guidelines are not followed. 

➢ You must continue a programme of treatments for your pet (if any); this should be maintained throughout the year to prevent re-infestation. The animals bedding should also be washed regularly.